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In a few sessions, Michael Luckett resolved my crippling lower abdominal pain, after I had for years unsuccessfully sought relief through a wide range of mainstream and alternative healers. One might conclude simply that acupuncture was the answer I needed, but almost none of the many acupuncturists I had approached throughout the world for this condition were able to provide me with relief. Dr Luckett was able to consistently provide the help I needed, a truly magnificent gift!
 John Peterson, Biodynamic Farmer, subject of the film The Real Dirt on Farmer John

I have been a patient of Michael Luckett for the past five years.  His acupuncture treatments have produced excellent, even amazing results for me. I have Raynaud’s disease, an auto-immune condition in which blood supply to the extremities, especially the fingers, is severely limited. This condition often leads to extremely painful ulcers of my fingertips.  On several occasions, gangrene set in. Conventional medicine has only been of minimal help.  Acupuncture brought blood flow and healing to my fingers, thus saving them from amputation at least twice.  I can also now be free of painkillers.
Michael Luckett is a consummate and very caring professional who always seeks to provide healing and freedom from pain.
I cannot recommend him highly enough.  He has made very positive changes in my condition and my life.
Joyce Ryan
Professor Emerita
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Over a decade ago, I began to suffer from 'pelvic pain'.  I had spent the winter travelling in Florida in a motor home, and near the end of the vacation my health situation became more and more severe.  While in the Panhandle, I sought help from a local doctor, it went well, but, no relief.  By 3 p.m. each day the discomfort would be intense, and I could no longer walk.  Continuing on to Wisconsin, I called my local doctors and made an appointment.  I went to that appointment before I arrived back in Delavan. There,an appointment was made for me with a gynecologist-urologist specialist in Madison.  While at this appointment in Madison, a recommendation was made that I attend a Pain Clinic.  I was still on the examining table and an appointment was being made for me at this clinic. At that point I made a decision to contact an a different health provider in Delavan,.an acupuncturist that I had been reading about....And I cancelled the pain clinic appointment. After several weeks of treatment
with Michael Luckett, my symptoms were lessening  and would go away completely.        
One of my most worrisome health issues occurred after I had a lumpectomy and lymph node removal for examination for cancer. No cancer was found.  But, I was left with a severe persistent pain involving the length of my left arm.  I was told by the surgeon that a major nerve had been severed in my arm and sometimes that happens!  At times my left hand was numb and my elbow was particularly painful. Acupuncture treatments were able help me recover from those more pain and full use of my arm. I had been suffering from sinus blockage and swelling and this problem would diminish, also. Currently, I have a monthly treatment...a wellness check-up.  Yes, and I take very few pain pills or other  prescription meds.  To go visit Michael Luckett, an acupuncturist, was one of the best decisions I've ever made !
Silvia Stoik Christianson, resident of Delavan, WI

After severely injuring my right wrist and thumb and doing several weeks of therapy without any success, I found Michael. After just one treatment, I walked out of his office without the brace I had been wearing for weeks on my wrist. My wrist hand and thumb area was fully functional, a godsend to me as I am right handed and in the teaching profession. I followed up with a few more treatments but have never had any more trouble since that very first treatment. I am eternally grateful and owe my recovery to Michael's acupuncture skills.
Phyllis Steindl

This is a testimonial to the powers of acupuncture. I had a chronic discomfort on the left side of my head and had gone to see my doctor. She recommended seeing a specialist, and a few thousand dollars later there was nothing wrong with my sinuses. I was frustrated, and I didn't want to go back to my doctor for more tests that would cost me more. I see a chiropractor on a monthly basis and would have relief for a day or two and about three months ago I saw Michael Luckett's card on the counter and booked an appointment with him. After two sessions my pain was gone and I am so grateful to him for his therapeutic skills. I now see Michael on a monthly maintenance schedule and I'm enjoying being pain free. Thank you so much Michael for your unique skills.
Theresia Slayton, massage therapist

About ten years ago I was playing a lot of golf and developed a very painful case of tendonitis in my right elbow. I put up with it for a long time until I decided to seek some relief. First I tried a cortisone shot. Very expensive and was only a temporary fix. After about three months the pain returned. My next solution was an arm band, large doses of Advil, and ice. I did experience some relief, but this was also temporary. I had thought about acupuncture and a friend recommended Mike Luckett. After about two months of treatment and sensibly curtailing my activities the pain was gone. The tendonitis has never returned.
Currently, I am seeing Mike for another problem. Aside from playing golf I do a great deal of walking. About a year ago I developed a debilitating pain in my foot and ankle. This ankle had been sprained more than once and I thought there might be a structural problem. I went to a podiatrist and an orthopedic doctor. There was no structural damage found. However, after x rays, an EMG, orthotics, and eight weeks of physical therapy, there was little or no improvement and a great deal of frustration. Remembering my previous success with Mike, I returned to him as my last resort. It has taken awhile to help[ my problem, but we have made great strides, and I am once again enjoying three mile walks and playing golf. A very happy patient,
Judy Pengra

Pain!! It held me hostage for almost 27 years. Due to an accident, the cartilage in my left shoulder deteriorated until I had the classic "bone on bone" diagnosis. Atrophy of muscles, severe restriction of motion, & constant pain took control over my daily activities. My orthopedist said the shoulder must be replaced. Meanwhile, cortisone shots every 2-3 months gave minimal & temporary relief. I thought I'd try anything after the shots, extensive physical therapy & impending major surgery that would keep me further restricted for up to 9 months.
I located Michael Luckett in the phone book, called him, made an appointment and now, after some 4 months of acupuncture have experienced totally unexpected results. Atrophy is all but gone, limitation & range of motion are no longer daily challenges. My pain is virtually a thing of the past & I am performing almost all the physical functions I want to. I'm still making progress. Thank you, Michael, for your expertise & your genuine concern for my well being.
Bob Graff

Acupuncture has given me a new lease on life! I had knee pain for over three years. I had total knee replacement on one knee, but because of complications, the pain never stopped. My new knee hurt as much as my other knee. I did water walking without relief.
I could not ride in the car for forty-five minutes without pain. In a restaurant, I could not sit without putting my leg with the new knee in the aisle, or sit in a movie theatre without standing up, after sitting for a period of time.
After my first session, I stepped out of our truck and realized my knee did not hurt. I couldn't believe it! Since my acupuncture sessions, I have driven a six hour trip without pain. I can sit in a restaurant without special seating. I recently sat through a two and a half hour concert without pain. I can now look forward to a life with normal activity thanks to acupuncture!
I would highly recommend Michael Luckett as an acupuncturist. He is professional, very thorough in diagnosing the problem, and very caring. He is honest with what acupuncture can and cannot do. His goal is to see you only for as many sessions as needed. He never pressures you to come back. He is constantly reassessing, and considering the patient's input. I have complete trust in Michael Luckett.
Judy Roberts Vaughn
Janesville, WI

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