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Facts About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the insertion of special fine needles under the skin to relieve pain, promote healing and improve physical function. The needles used are extremely thin, are solid rather than the hollow needles used for injection, and are designed to separate rather than cut tissue, making acupuncture largely painless and easily tolerated by most people. An acupuncture treatment may require as few as 4-6 needles or as many as 20 or more, placed from 1/8” to 1” deep or more, according to the patient and the condition being treated. The needles may be placed and then immediately removed, or retained for up to 40 minutes.


Acupuncture has its effects through its ability to prompt natural protective and self-corrective responses from the body, which range from the release of neurochemicals that modulate pain & stress and regulate hormonal balance, to an increase in blood flow and decrease of inflammation and muscular tension.


There is a wide range of normal responses to treatment. Relief of symptoms may be immediate, or may occur gradually over a series of visits. 3-6 treatments constitute an initial course for new patients. Stable improvement or lasting relief is usually possible within that time, but less treatment than that is often sufficient. More acupuncture may be given according to the response observed and the requirements of the condition being addressed. Many patients take acupuncture on a periodic or occasional basis for chronic or recurrent problems, ranging from weekly visits to a few treatments spread over years. Many people use acupuncture as wellness care, in the absence of particular symptoms.


Acupuncture may be used by itself, or as a secondary or complementary treatment to more standard forms of care. It can be used to heal, to ease symptoms, and to improve functional status in either internal or musculoskeletal injury or disease. It is especially helpful in association with or as an alternative to physical therapy, chiropractic or massage; its ability to relieve pain and tension makes stretching and exercise easier, makes chiropractic adjustment easier and encourages adjustments to “hold”, and encourages the release of the body’s patterns of postural tension.


Acupuncture is exceptionally safe. Minor painless bruising is the most common side effect; very occasionally a minor ache at a needle site may persist for a few days. Acupuncture may prompt some soreness or an increase in symptoms for a day or two; this is transitory and usually precedes therapeutic gains. Faintness of the same sort that occurs with blood donation may occur, but it is very rare, easily managed and entirely transient. Injury of any sort in association with acupuncture is so uncommon that it is virtually nonexistent. Frequent “side benefits” include deep relaxation, improved sleep, and increased energy.


Some conditions most commonly addressed with acupuncture include:


Addictions                                        Bell’s Palsy/Trigeminal Pain                 Menstrual Disorders                                       Shingles

Allergies                                           Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                       Muscle Spasm/Strain                                      Sinusitis

Anxiety/Depression                          Diverticulitis/IBS                                  Neuralgias/Neuropathies                                Stroke Rehab

Arthritis/Joint Injury                         Edema                                                   Plantar Fasciitis                                              Tendonitis

Back & Neck Pain/Disc Injury         Headaches                                             Sciatica                                                           Wound Healing


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